Zen and the art of closet organization

Mud room
I read that a YouTube video blogger is making $5 million a year opening toys on camera. That’s it. Apparently there is a vicarious thrill that comes from watching her manicured nails slice open the packaging and assemble toys.

My son watches YouTube videos of other people playing Minecraft or FIFA. I didn’t get it. Until I discovered there are YouTube videos of people teaching us how to organize closets and drawers. I was hooked.

There is one lady who shows you how to fold your shirts into perfect squares and then she rolls them up into these beautiful, little packages that sit up perkily in the drawer. Picture it. There is no pile of folded shirts to mess up when pulling one out from the bottom.


I sat transfixed with that video, filing away the technique in my head. Someday, I too shall roll up shirts into colorful works of art, as God is my witness. Let it be written that my hangers will all match.

There is a definite correlation between the condition of my closet and the state of my soul.

So my daughter Hannah came home from school Wednesday and discovered I had organized the mud room. She laughed, saying, “Darla was right!” Darla is my former colleague and friend forever. Those two hit it off at my going away party, speculating about how I would spend my new found time.

Our mud room is carved out of a side entrance and has a built in bench with drawers for socks, baskets underneath for shoes, hooks for the dog leash. You get the idea. Only for several years it was just a fully exposed junk drawer, accumulating assorted books, retainer cases, a single drumstick without its match. The hooks strained under the weight of every coat we own, Sports Authority bags holding items we once intended to return…the dry cleaning bag.

The baskets overflowed with broken flip flops, old sneakers and water shoes. Who wears water shoes?


Today it is worthy of a spread in Real Simple. The shirt rolling lady has nothing on me.

Damn, I should have videotaped it.


One thought on “Zen and the art of closet organization”

  1. Are you my sister? I thought I was the only one that worried about the condition of my closet as if my well being depended on it! Should we blame it on our childhood? Ha ha ha !

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